Aug 22, 2007

The Flag of France

I painted on my nails today
Unconcious, unaware
The strokes of red and white and blue
Of which I now shall share
The story of these shiny lines
Few testers from the store
Did mark my nail, yet stirred my mind
With questions, thoughts and more
And so I thought, how come these lines
Of red and white and blue
Connected side by side, became
The flag of France, so true
How come the warmth of red could stand
The freezing cold of blue?
How come the simple stroke of white
Could build bonds between the two?
I asked myself beyond my thoughts;
If red and blue could bind;
Then there should be a chance for peace,
The freedom of mankind.
But would we ever learn from red;
The blood that's spilled in wars?
Or maybe from the rose of love;
What every girl adores.
I tried to answer once again,
The questions of my mind
A circle made, a circle gone,
No answers did I find
And then I knew, I felt it too
Deep within my heart
A place for peace, a place for love
Would only, only start
When human kind began to see
That life's not black and white;
Appreciate, life's colourful,
Yet from the one and same sunlight
So take a breath, a moment, two
Exhale it in, not out
Your hand shall reach across the white
From red to blue no doubt

Copyright © Realm of Reema

Jul 23, 2007

Nirvana of Nature

Black Bear roaming freely
The emptiness of sound -
But what remains of melody,

The birds lullabies
And big Wolf's call to the Moon;

Sprinkles its light -
A touch of magic
To the forest land beneath

No human should enter its caress
Without reaching the
Nirvana of Nature
Copyright © Realm of Reema

Jun 23, 2007

Musical Memories: I've been Tagged

Loz started this meme called 'Musical Memories' which was then passed onto me by Wonder. This meme is about listing between 5 and 10 songs which have made an impact on my life. However, I'll simply twist it a little bit, and list the songs which have left and emotional impact on me somehow. So I thought I'd spice up my blog a little with this meme, thanks to Wonder!

So here we go:

#1 I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack. It's one of these inspirational songs that always lights this little flame of hope within me when I feel down. A beautiful song.

#2 Who wants to live forever? by Queen. This particular song always leaves me in an emotional wreck. It reminds me of very close and beloved friends of mine, who live in a hopeless atmosphere of war and conflicts. The very title of this song is the exact words one of them once said to me, when speaking of the war situation in their country: 'Who wants to live forever?'. When death becomes less painful than life itself, we should reconsider appreciating life than claiming wars, only to destroy what's left of hope.

#3 Because you loved me by Celine Dion. It remain me of my wonderful mother. 'I'm everything I am' because of her.

#4 I will survive by Gloria Gaynor. Uplifting, inspirational and wise song, that reminds me of a friend who got divorced. A rare, special friend at heart. And she will survive. Yes, she will survive.

#5 Remember Me by Josh Groban. Beyond my words..

OK. I'm not going to tag specific people for this meme, but rather everyone who reads this post and who is interested and wants to join. This way anyone interested can join, so feel free to let me know if you're writing a post with this meme (in the comment section) so my readers and I get to read your version ;)

Happy writing!

Jun 15, 2007

Terrorist Defined

Terror as medicine
To cure terror as disease

Crime against crime
Tooth by tooth
Eye by eye
Break a leg, rip the skin
Drill holes in the heads
Easy! Shoot all dead!

Delighted by pain -
But not yours, only others;

YOU'RE a terrorist

Copyright © Realm of Reema

Jun 11, 2007

Mother has a fever

Cloudy Sunset

~ Mother has a fever ~

Mother has a fever
Her temperature's rising
Radiant warmth spreads across her body
Glaciers keep on melting;
Big Bear flees his home
Rivers evaporate
The sky keeps on crying
Floods of emotions, unexplained, silent
But, oh so clear!
Signs from heaven,
Storm after storm
To human; a tropical pleasure
Tanned bodies, eternal summer
So ignorant, yes, so ignorant
Is the child who plays loudly
Yet knowing that
Mother has a fever

Copyright © Realm of Reema

Jun 7, 2007

With Love

Dear readers, I'd like to dedicate this poem to all of you.
Happy reading :)

Teenage girl, summer emotions

~ With Love ~

Love's not a rose or a diamond dear
Love's not a necklace or a teddy bear
Love's not an item to purchase and sell
Love's not a word you could simply yell
Love's not the landscape of romantic red
Love's not the tears you fakely shed
Love's not the arrow across the heart
Love's not some numbers on a fortune chart
Love's not a princess and her missing shoe
Love's not a letter with 'I love you'
Love is a treasure, a way of life
Love's all the years you shared with your wife
Love is a river, emotions that flow
Love's all the moments in life as we go
Love is a song, shared only between two
Love's all the memories, old and new
Love is the hug, the kiss on the cheek
Love's what relaxes, what makes you go weak
Love's a condition to treasure and hold
Love's all the things that I have just told

With love,


Jun 3, 2007

Photos: My Mum's Garden

So I finally got to take a shortwalk round my mum's garden, took the camera with me and captured these pictures. I really liked the first one, the close-up of the flower. So summer time!

Above Photo: OK. I've no idea what this is, it really looked like a flower, with no petals. Anybody knows what plant this is?

Above Photo: Early grapes, or baby grapes as I call them. Just had to capture a grape moment here ;)

Above Photo: And of course, followed with a grape-leaf moment too.

May 31, 2007

It's okay

I used to be so sugar sweet
For such a long, long time indeed
Always smiling, always happy
Kindness flourished, nothing crappy
And suddenly I don't know how
A voice inside that told me - Now,
Look around and do you see
How dark all things have come to be?
No, please listen, I'm not bad,
I'm not mental, I'm not mad!
Please look at me, beyond my eyes
A shattered soul never lies
Beyond my smile, beyond it all
Pain, sadness, anger have their call
The bloody battle deep within
Makes living life a crucial sin
Bullet words escape my lips
A word that hurts, a word that slips
I hate the way how badness bends
I hate the way I hurt my friends
But the troubled pain that hides inside
Has carried me and the world apart
Silver sun is faded, gone
No love, no goodness, nothing, none!
I'm quiet, yes, but look I scream!
My eyes are wide; this dreadful dream -
A happy face can also cry
Though smiles are flashing, eyes are dry
The secret pain that's born and bred
Has torn my soul, I'm almost dead
I want to tell, just spit it out,
Just tell the world, just scream, just shout!
But no matter how hard I think,
No words would tell, and so I sink
Deeper, deeper down this well
So lost and helpless; living hell
And so I know the only cure,
The remedy that'd work for sure
A smile, a moment, a tiny shrug
Two people closer, and a hug
The timeless whisper in my ear
The simple words I've longed to hear
Life is hard, yet you would say:
The soothing words of "it's okay"

It's okay.

Copyright © Realm of Reema

May 26, 2007

Dear Readers!! Time for hibernation.. and a BLOG REVIEW! ;)

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing great. Alright, as my exams are coming up pretty soon, I would like to inform you that I will be hibernating for about two weeks time until the last exams are over. These are the finals guys, so please please please wish me good luck. All prayers needed! :)

Meanwhile I'd appreciate if any of you could review my blog. I think I have come to the stage where the blog seems to have "settled", so I'd like to invite all my readers, including you, to check out this blog, see what you like, what you don't, what you want to see more of, you name it. Just pour out anything on your heart. Don't just say "your blog is nice/bad". WHAT is nice, WHAT is bad? Be specific ;)

TWO THUMBS UP and a BIG thank you to all my readers. I totally appreciate every single one of you. Wish me good luck!

See you all soon!!

May 25, 2007

Love, an illusion

The end of Spring, Summer's just around the corner. Love's in the air, some may get engaged this summer, others married. Bonded by love, the greatest emotion.. at last, but not least, a poem.

Love, an illusion
A figment of mind
The dream of all dreams
Yet so hard to find
Show me a miracle
Come take my hand
Bring me your landscape
Your vey own land
Harder and harder
As time passes by
Give me your heart, please
Don't make me cry
The sweetest illusion
As real as can be
Today and forever
Come stay with me!

Copyright © Realm of Reema

May 24, 2007

Mother, I miss you!

A dedication to all mothers and those who have lost a dear mother.

Abundant in beauty, where mothers will rise
Beyond expectations, so perfectly nice
Where angels will sing and rivers will flow
With the sweetest of honey; where roses will grow
Each with its beauty, a gracious delight
Reflecting His love, the brightest of light
Only for mothers, the ones we adore
A labour of pain, yet purest of pure
In caress and compassion, the strength of love
A blessing indeed, from far above
My mother, your mother, the mothers of all
Pure in intentions, shall receive their call
Souls rise to Heaven, not dead, not gone
They'll meet with their Lord, the Merciful One
Children will whisper - I miss you so!
Mum, I feel lonely; I won't cry oh, no!
My heart weeps for you, yet my eyes are dry
For I know one day, I too will fly
To the fields of green; I'll look and I'll see
My mother so happy, smiling down at me
Reunited by love, all angels shall sing
Welcome to Heaven, of God, the King!

Copyright © Realm of Reema

May 23, 2007

I Love My Nailpolish - A Dedication to My Sweetest Sisters

Usually, I happen to find myself rush through life with it's ups and downs, so busy that I don't offer the time I should to my sisters. It almost feel like yesterday, when they were born; the first word they said, the first step they took, the ways we played.. everthing flashes through my memory. But I also, in between the stress of life, steal few glances and notice, how my baby sisters have become, fine, little ladies.

So I'd like to dedicate this poem to them and in fact, all the big sisters out there who happen to have adorable, little sisters.

And in the event of you feeling like commenting, then please do.

I don't bite ;)

~ I Love My Nailpolish ~

I love my nailpolish, to colour my world
Clear, pink, indigo - but best of all
The deepest of red; it so suits my skin,
The dress that I wear, and the rouge on my chin
A rainbow of colours I stroke on my nail
Blow it to dry, I leave no trail
Of spillage, of mess - paint gone wild;
An adult perfection, yet still such a child
I look at my sister, when she's not aware
I copy her moves, and flick back my hair
Indeed, she's a model, but hush, don't tell!
A secret between us, now, keep it well!
One day when I'm older, I too will be
Just like my sister; smart, nice and pretty
For now, I'm just little - a long road to go
So much to try out, so much to know
And above all the colours, between now and then
I'll write you a poem, with my pink, feather pen:
Today I'm a child, yes, so right and so true
But tomorrow, dear sister, I'll be.. I'll be you!

Copyright © Realm of Reema

May 21, 2007

Children & War: I Will Always Worry

When they say - Don't worry!
You should not be sorry!
They don't know, they don't know
I have sinned

Smile and dance, be gracious!
Life is short, yet spacious
Chances come each second,
And we really reckon
You should smile, you should dance
Once again

So they say - Don't worry!
You should not be sorry!
They don't know, they don't know
I have sinned

Children cry, their sorrow
Will go on tomorrow
Yet here I stand so passive
When I really should be active
Reaching out, reaching out
With my love

Still they say - Don't worry!
You should not be sorry!
They don't know, they don't know
I have sinned

What kind of person am I
When I let this child cry?
Parents dead; heartbroken
Indeed his eyes have spoken
Of the horror, the terror
Of war

And when they say - Don't worry!
You should not be sorry!
I will smile in sadness;
Say I'll always worry,
Always be so sorry
When you don't, when you don't
Value life!

Copyright © Realm of Reema

May 20, 2007

A Pearl of Life: A Dedication to the Broken Family

A pearl of life in my hand
From here of which I stand
I see it all, and all is true
A childs face, so sad, so blue.

Heartbreak comes, heartbreak goes
Mother cries, but only shows
A quarter of what burns inside
Of sadness, anger; an emotional tide.

Do you know, no, do you care
Of all the years of abuse they'd share?
In this closed group, called Anonymous Mothers
Who brutally got abused by their lovers.

And from here, of which I stand
I hold a pearl, a child, hand in hand
I see it all, and all is true;
Two broken eyes, so sad, so blue.

Copyright © Realm of Reema

May 18, 2007

Please HELP! Have you seen Madeleine McCann?

It totally breaks my heart to know that Madeleine is not found yet. Over two weeks has passed since she was abducted. My prayers and thoughts go to Madeleine's family and relatives; I truly pray she will be sound and safe and return home as soon as possible.

How could any one be so heartless?